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PTM Recorded Sessions

Recordings of past mentoring sessions are available for purchase in this library at about 25% of the monthly subscription price. Each course includes all the sessions for that month, usually four sessions and about 12 hours of videos. Course name indicates year and month of the recording, for example PTM_202208 is for August 2022.

Intraday Trades Charts

Some modules also include a charts album. These charts are annotated to show various stop and limit order entries, with a short description of market context and expectations for that day. 

5 min Chart of ES (S&P500 Futures Contract) annotated with trades of the day. The focus is advanced trading with an emphasis on limit order entries. The assumption is trades are taken for scalps, so exits are not marked to avoid cluttering the chart too much. A scalper usually exits within the next bar or two, taking profits about the range of an average bar. 

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Program Resets

About once a year PTM is reset back to lesson 1. So far, we have reset PTM on these dates:

  • Beginning of PTM Program: July 2022
  • April 2023
  • January 2024
If you are looking to review the material from the beginning, start from one of these reset points. 

Index of Topics

One of our long-time students has so kingly put together an index of topics discussed in PTM, in Excel format. 

You can download a copy here  

He will update the index from time to time, with a few months lag behind the latest PTM module. 

Practice Tools for Enhanced Learning

We now offer two great learning enhancement tools:
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Flash Cards

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2022 PTM Recorded Sessions Catalog

The five bullet points show a brief summary of topics. For complete details, please visit the PTM module's own page, click on the item.
July 2022
  • Two sessions (PTM began in mid June 2022)
  • Introduction
  • General concepts, Emotions, COEX
  • Investment industry, funds, professional accounts
  • Breakouts basics 
August 2022
  • Breakouts, multi-bar breakouts, breakout signals and setups, gaps
  • Writing code for trading, price action based indicators, 
  • Volatility, Cyclical volatility
  • Globex, how overnight session relates to day session structure
  • Risk, probability estimation, probability of pullback 
September 2022
  • When to swing trade vs. scalping, Concept of Damage and second legs
  • Probability distribution of markets
  • Major and minor swing points, breakouts of major swing points, Spikes and spike breaks
  • Follow-through scenarios, leg counting, Dueling lines pattern, the "good luck" setup
  • Trouble with early entries, Market regime, BSB pattern, NTZ, 2nd legs in trading ranges
October 2022
  • The i1R Concept, Signal bars, Graceful swing, How may bars to decide
  • Always-In (market regime determination), strong breakouts on the open 
  • When to trust a breakout and when not to, Strong bars, pullback setups (H1, H2, ...)
  • Climax bars, Breakout of inside bars, Small bar reversals
  • Strength of the final leg, Fade candidates
November 2022
  • When to switch from stop to limit order trader and vice-versa, 
  • The role of the Day Structure
  • When weak signal bars are good enough
  • Multi-timeframe analysis and trading
  • How long to wait for the second leg to begin
December 2022
  • Trading in trading ranges, How to properly do Deliberate Practice to build skills
  • Seeing the chart from the point of view of the market maker (the other side)
  • Price action theory of pullback setups (H1, H2, L1, L2, etc.), CE and CEP concepts
  • The logic behind SAR (Stop And Reverse) trade management technique
  • Building blocks of intraday charts and Hinge bars
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Chart Archive

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2023 PTM Recorded Sessions Catalog

The five bullet points show a brief summary of topics. For complete details, please visit the PTM module's own page, click on the item.
January 2023
  • Adverse bars, Assessing reversals for strength and reliability
  • How to use adverse moves to find price targets
  • Detailed explanation of indicator: AMA_Breakouts_PB Ver. 3X
  • Using NYSE TICK for day trading
  • Weak buy/sell signals, BTC/STC Signals, Parabolic moves
February 2023
  • Indicator: AMA_Breakouts_PB Ver. 5 new features and functionality
  • Ali's daily routines (morning, afternoon) 
  • Broad Channels,  FOF Trades, Bull and Bear Traps
  • Various intrabar entry techniques, How to use a bar timer to optimize time of entry
  • What can the market do: day structure, Expecting a certain day type
March 2023
  • Detailed discussion on FOF setups and trades 
  • Low probability Micro-Channel pullbacks: when not to take the pullback entry 
  • Surprise bar (big breakout bar) failures, Principle of Ambiguity 
  • What to look for to ignore a counter trend move as a with-trend (or pullback) entry?
  • 2CC Signal: setup and entry, Entry into strong momentum legs
April 2023: Program Reset
  • Price action Basics: Breakouts, Bar Formation, Event-Response, Volatility 
  • Why price action is Fractal? Normal market behavior, Secondary trades
  • The basic construct that builds all chart patterns, simple and complex legs 
  • IBS, Buy/Sell Zones, Spikes, Gaps and Climaxes, Stop and Limit order entries
  • Abnormal market behavior, Switching trading styles, Discipline, NYSE TICK
May 2023
  • Documentation techniques for efficiency, Indicator AMA_Breakouts_PB Ver. 6
  • Gap types and how to use them in trading 
  • Market Cycle Model theory and how it relates to major and minor patterns
  • Tests, Successful tests, Failed tests, How to use tests, Estimating "Time-in-Trade"
  • Breakout Mode (BOM), How to use BOM, BOM and Uncertainty Rule, Why scalp? 
June 2023
  • Bull and Bear flags, Sharp reversal of simple legs
  • Top-Down Analysis, The First Attempt Principle, The Vacuum Effect, CE, CEP concepts
  • Trending Trading Range Day structures, Concept of Setup and Trigger, How to use triggers
  • Low probability events, The 7 steps of every trade
  • The i1R concept and setup, 4CC Reversals, Drawdown recovery, Avoiding ruin
July 2023
  • Estimating day structure type based on higher time frame charts
  • The three types of market control
  • Velocity, Acceleration, Inertia, and market energy and how to use them in trading
  • Zero State, Steps to develop a multi-strategy trading style
  • Scaling into trades, Techniques for chasing the market, Managing trades in the risk zone
August 2023
  • Support, Resistance, Simple leg reversals leading to resets, different types of doula tops
  • Breakouts that reset the day structure, MRV and how it is different from a pullback
  • Using Z Score to classify bars, Nuances of i1R setup, Bar direction and algorithm design
  • Overlap and how to use it in analysis and trading, Role of price structure complexity 
  • The graceful swing, How to see the day for what it is worth,  failed limit orders 
September 2023
  • Temporary support and resistance and how it forms, Gap on the open
  • Complex second legs, Top/bottom picking entry techniques, The 10+2 Rule, 
  • Price structure of flags, Reversals, Implied Reversals, Trend resumption, Trend age
  • Estimating strength of a spike, Comparing trend following to swing trading and scalping 
  • Business leverage in trading, Min viable scalping setup, A fund manager's view of markets
October 2023
  • The min scalp setup, how to use it, and the failure case, Role of day structure
  • Mean-Reversion types, Reversal day structure, Strong intraday magnets, Climax reversal
  • 3CC and 4CC reversals, Opposite doji trading range pattern, Trade management 
  • How measured moves targets relate to price action, Failed momentum reversal legs
  • Times when immediate and general probabilities are both in the same direction
November 2023
  • How to estimate correction range and duration of nested wedges
  • Issues with reversal signal bars, How to think about the market regime
  • Change of behavior in trading ranges forecast breakouts, Nested triangles,  BSB pattern 
  • Climactic behavior of various structures, Wedges, When not to take a wedge reversal
  • General probabilities of any pattern, When to enter intrapair, When to cancel a limit order
December 2023
  • Depth and duration of pullback and effect on follow-on price action 
  • Tick gaps, Multi-time frame trading, Breakout of major trend lines, Complex channels
  • Choosing limit order prices for pullback entries, Long runs, Ali's trading desktop setup
  • High and low probability wedges, Why Urgency is a secondary effect, 
  • The concept of elongation and compression of bars based on market cycle theory
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Breakouts Research

Learn probabilities of breakouts

2024 PTM Recorded Sessions Catalog

The five bullet points show a brief summary of topics. For complete details, please visit the PTM module's own page, click on the item.
January 2024: Program Reset
  • Introduction, Breakouts basics, price action basics, Bar direction, Signal bars, 
  • How to quantify strength of a breakout
  • Point of Clarity, Major structures, Gaps, 
  • Simple and Complex legs, Non-symmetrical second leg, 
  • High probability trading vs. Risk/Reward trading, which one to choose
February 2024
  • Breakouts, price action basics
  • Bar direction, Signal bars, 
  • Spike, Spike breaks, leg counting
  • Breakouts basic, gaps
  • Principles of market behavior
March 2024
  • Principles of market behavior
  • Understanding scalp vs swing trade probabilities
  • Role of degree of "overlap" in market behavior
  • FOF: Failure of a Failure trade setups
  • Why day trading is so hard (considered an advanced skill)
April 2024
  • How to have reasonable expectation for market behavior
  • Role of reversals leading to bad breakouts, and trades based on them
  • Fading bar 1 probabilities 
  • How to synchronize your expectations with the rhythm of the market 
  • Finding scalp exit targets based on market response to the entry
May 2024
  • How to think correctly about a strategy
  • How to validate a trading idea in an unbiased way
  • Estimating and expecting price action based on market behavior principles
  • Trading small gaps on the open
  • Volatiltiy regimes
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June 2024
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