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  • Ali Moin-Afshari
  • Level: Advanced Intermediate
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Course overview
Over 700 slides on price action trading with emphasis on day trading techniques
  • Advanced Techniques
  • Day Structure
  • Pattern Structure
  • Dynamic Opening Range
  • NYSE Tick Strategies
  • Important Reports
  • Performance and Upkeep
  • and more...

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What is Flash Cards

Flash Cards is a deck of over 700 slides on advanced techniques used in price action trading along with other supplementary and supporting information. 
  • A decade ago, as a developing trader, I felt the need for an effective way to take notes for further review
  • At the time, I used to attend trading rooms, read books and articles, and write computer programs to thoroughly test everything
  • I decided creating slides is the best way
  • I used to take quick notes on everything. Then review them and extract the most important and interesting ones to convert into PowerPoint slides 
  • Flash Cards is a notebook of ideas that contain the nuances and the little things that make the difference between a good trader and a great trader
  • It is the result of over four years of feverish study and 14-hour days of study and development work 
  • The idea is that if I draw out a random slide and look at the title, do I remember the concept and its details? If not, I can read the explanation on the slide and move on to the next one. It is a tool for rapid skill and memory development. 
Here is an example slide:

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  • These are some of the very best techniques for price action traders
  • It took me years to slowly find them, hours to create each slide, and gather them in one place. It will save you a lot of time and effort
  • I trade these concepts everyday, so I know they are effective and will help my reader to advance to higher skill levels 
  • For systematic traders: my students and I have designed and built great systems based on these techniques. Flash Cards is a condensed library of signals and setups to use for further statistical research and system development, all in one place

Why I felt the need for Flash Cards...

  • I am a slow learner, so I needed material for repetition and practice
  • There are a lot of little but important nuances to be aware of, yet they are easy to forget
  • I had to develop my own notes to ensure learning quality and execution accuracy 
  • I wanted material on more advanced techniques, all in one place
  • As a day trader scalper, I wanted the practice material to be focused on entries and trade management 
  • Nuances are important, so I had to have notes on variations of setups side by side to compare and understand what to look for
  • I needed a catalog of "good stuff" to limit my actions as a developing trader to only execute the most effective techniques

Repetition is key

I have a masters degree in education and have formally studied the learning process.

The learning model that is most relevant to the process of learning and skill building for traders is the spiral model, which I have written about in my article on Becoming a Professional Price Action Trader.  In that article, you will read about how best to study and on the importance of  practice and repetition of the already learned concepts are in solidifying them into skills. 

Creating Flash Cards was one of the methods I used to build my trading competency. Once the basics are learned, the trader needs frequent review of individual concepts, and there are a lot of them. These slides helped me speed up that process. Later on, when I got into trading system design, they severed as a reference or catalog of strategies that I constantly referred to for core concept selection and rule refinement, both. 

As a developing trader, you need repetition and active thinking. Watching a video is good but it is a passive activity.  You will learn most, when you think and create.  It is important to know what to think about and these slides provided the subjects. I would study the concept, then go to my charts to find fifty other examples on my own. 

You can now get a copy of my Chart Archive on this website. Click here

In the short video below, I explain the process (3:45 minutes):
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In these slides:
  • You will also see the path of my development
  • I have not edited older charts to remove things, you will see that at some point I was using RSI(3) on my charts
  • That is OK. You must do whatever makes sense for who you are as a trader at every step of the way
  • Over time as your skills develop and your understanding deepens and expands, you  will grow and change, and with you, your charts, methods, and the configuration of your trading platform change
  • As a developing trader, I used to wish I had access to private notes of an expert trader. I am sharing mine now to help those who are in that same point in their career development, who are curious to know how another trader practiced to perfect his skills
Carry it with you anywhere...

Flash Cards

Use your downtime productively
I recently purchased QS's flashcards, which have proven to be an excellent tool for improving my understanding of Price Action. While running errands and during waiting times, studying these flashcards has significantly broadened my PA understanding. Ali's notes, in particular, provide great insights.”  - Bryant S., Systems Academy Student 
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The Flash Cards deck has three main sections:
Advanced Trading Strategies and Techniques
This section is the main section and it is divided into three smaller sections:
Advanced Techniques
  • Advanced techniques for day trading
  • Special and extreme price action cases
  • Scalping strategies and details
  • Small details for advanced traders
  • Options
Day Structure
  • Advanced techniques for day trading
  • Special and extreme price action cases
  • Scalpling strategies and details
  • Small details for advanced traders
  • Options
Pattern Structure
  • Structure of price action patterns
  • Factors influencing the formation of these patterns 
  • Nuances and small but important details
  • Gaps
  • Traps
  • How to use nuances for advanced trading
Opening Range Breakouts and Tick Strategies  
  • Day types
  • Price structure of each day type
  • Nuances and variations of each one
  • Strategies and techniques for trading each type
  • Techniques for recognizing day type early in the session
  • Strategies for trading ES futures based on NYSE Tick
  • How to use Ticks as a supplementary day structure assessment tool
  • Ideas for developing real-time indicators based on Ticks
  • Advanced limit order trading based on Tick setups
Performance, Upkeep, and Reports
  • Techniques for enhancing trader performance and upkeep
  • Learning strategies and techniques for high efficiency learning The process of trading
  • The continuous estimation process
  • Charts of some of the significant events
  • Important reports that affect markets
  • Some general concepts
  • Acronyms and abbreviations 
  • Notes of operating TradeStation 
  • Wall Street lingo
  • Advice and motivation (for when you are down)


You can download a free copy of Flash Cards complete index (PDF file). 

Ali Moin-Afshari

Systematic Trader
Ali Moin-Afshari is the founder of Quant Systems and course creator of the Systems Academy program. He has had a successful +20-year career in IT and telecom, working as an architect, consultant, and founder of two IT companies. He began his trading career initially as a side business in 2007 and became a full time trader in 2014. He is a systems expert and has designed,  developed, and programed more than 200 trading systems.
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