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A Full Suite of Professional Training

A comprehensive program for intermediate to advanced traders

Courses and Programs

Our courses and programs are designed for serious traders in intermediate to advanced levels who want to take their knowledge and skills to the next level. 


Our courses are all self-pace eLearning online video courses with downloads and support material, designed for lower intermediate to advanced traders. See below for details. 

Pro Trader Mentoring

Pro Trader is a small group live mentoring program. It is offered over Zoom one day a week for three hours with chat support throughout the week. This program is for advance intermediate traders with live trading experience who want to work closely with a professional trader in an unstructured, open forum, collaborative style. 

Advanced Program

Our flagship program, Systems Academy, is a one year mixed training with online eLearning, group coaching, and hands-on project work. Admission into this program is by invitation only. 
Our intermediate to advanced courses prepare traders to take our flagship advanced training to become systematic traders
Systems Academy is our
1-year flagship program

Advanced Programs

systematic trading

Systems Academy 2.0

eLearning with Group Coaching 
A 1-Year program to learn and develop systematic trading knowledge and skill with supervised hands-on project work

Professional Mentoring

Skill Development

Pro Trader Mentoring

Small Group Coaching/Mentoring
Weekly online meetings to discuss rule-based discretionary trading, open forum, Q&A, learning advanced techniques
Skill Development

Pro Trader Library

A comprehensive library of lectures on discretionary price-action trading from past Pro Trader live sessions: discounted 84%

Breakouts: Research Whitepaper

Systematic Trading

Breakouts Research

Ali's in-depth research on breakouts to quantify behavioral probabilities of breakouts, includes the indicator he wrote based on this research (for TradeStation and MultiCharts platforms)

Practice Tools for Enhanced Learning

Skill Development

Flash Cards

A collection of over 700 slides on advanced price action trading techniques and strategies with an emphasis on intraday trading
Skill Development

Chart Archive

A deep archive of 5 minute intraday charts of ES, containing over 2000 charts since 2015 combined with daily and 60 minute charts
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