• Ali Moin-Afshari
  • Level: Advanced
  • Study time: 12.5 hrs
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Course overview
Pro Trader Mentoring - Recorded Sessions: November 2022
  • Video time: 12:30 hours
  • Session: 2022-08-06
  • Session: 2022-08-13
  • Session: 2022-08-20
  • Session: 2022-08-27

This PTM module contains higher value content and is priced accordingly. 


Session: 2022-08-06
  • Breakouts
  • Writing code to find and mark breakouts in TradeStation
  • Directional tendencies of outside bars 
  • How to use a breakout indicator
  • IBS (Intra Bar Strength) concept and formula
  • Limit order entries: placing orders using breakout analysis
  • Using breakouts to estimate probabilities of second legs
  • Cyclical volatility concept
  • How cyclical nature of volatility relates to breakouts
  • How inside bars affect breakouts
  • Small breakouts
  • The effect of breakouts on the open on day structure
  • Dissociation technique for analyzing your thoughts
  • Using breakouts to determine wide stops
  • Using breakouts on lower timeframes to find where buyers and sellers are
  • Regulating your trading using breakouts to trade less but more effectively
  • Breakouts and Reversals failure rates
  • Review of students' selected trades
  • Q&A

Session: 2022-08-13
  • Initial position risk / scaling-in
  • Expectations of price action behavior in a trading range day
  • Where to place orders when scaling in
  • How to use bar details to find limit order entry prices
  • Where to place stops using support/resistance levels
  • Expectations when market regime changes
  • Showing an example indicator that finds price action breakouts and reversals
  • Price action-based indicators and systems based on them, do not need optimization
  • Traps
  • Small Pullback Trends: diagnosis and trading
  • The three possible outcomes and how to navigate in the gray fog of trading
  • FOF: Failure of a Failure
  • Reversal dynamics
  • Using NYSE TICK in small pullback trend days
  • Regime change based on context
  • Using regime change in making scalping decisions
  • Cashflow from trading
  • Review of students' selected trades
  • Q&A

Session: 2022-08-20
  • Using a confluence of factors to determine strong support and resistance
  • Tick gap
  • Retracement percentages and how it relates to expectations for trend and trading range formations
  • Understanding second legs
  • Micro gaps and breakout gaps
  • The "show me something" concept 
  • The importance of having "cutoff points" for making decisions
  • How to practice using single concepts
  • Time and effort expectations for developing trading skills
  • Looking at and explaining the breakout indicator code
  • Second leg setups and detailed discussion on charts
  • How much pullback damages the trend enough to expect reversals 
  • What price action clues hint the trading range price action has begun, during a trend
  • Using statistics to understand significance of your signals and their back-testing data
  • Why indicator and price divergence is not a reliable trading concept
  • Review of students' selected trades
  • Q&A

Session: 2022-08-27
  • The importance of Regime (context) determination
  • Factors that increase probability of second legs
  • Three-bar breakouts
  • Estimating when a pullback is likely to begin
  • Energy
  • How 3-bar breakouts relate to signals and follow-through
  • Traps and tests
  • Globex HLM Research 
  • Which one to use for your documentation: words or images
  • How many reasons you need to decide on a trade?
  • Using standard operating phrases
  • Estimating probabilities of a setup, using outside bars as an example 
  • Explaining the Breakouts Paintbar code section for outside bars
  • Fade signal using outside bars
  • Multi-bar vacuum legs
  • The effect of opening range on day structure
  • How to name your documentation files to be searchable
  • Expanding triangle day structure
  • The Friday setup
  • Micro gap types
  • Inside bars in trading range days
  • How to use micro gaps for support/resistance
  • How to use micro gaps for stop price determination
  • How group trading accounts work
  • Psychological points for trading success 
  • Review of students' selected trades
  • Q&A

About PTM Modules

This is the archived recordings of the Pro Trader live mentoring session for the above date and month. 
      For example, PTM_202207 contains all sessions for month 7 of year 2022.
Each PTM module contains all sessions from one month.
Each session is about 3 hours long. 
Live sessions are conducted over Zoom (or other online meeting tools) and recorded. 
 Recordings are not edited to give you the same experience as being in the session with everyone else. 
Videos show mentor's screen, trading platform, and the electronic whiteboard. 

Ali Moin-Afshari

Systematic Trader
Ali Moin-Afshari is the founder of Quant Systems and course creator of the Systems Academy program. He has had a successful +20-year career in IT and telecom, working as an architect, consultant, and founder of two IT companies. He began his trading career initially as a side business in 2007 and became a full time trader in 2014. He is a systems expert and has designed,  developed, and programed more than 200 trading systems.
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