• Ali Moin-Afshari
  • Level: Advanced
  • Study time: 12 hrs
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Course overview
Pro Trader Mentoring - Recorded Sessions: February 2024
  • Video time: 12 hours
  • Session: 2024-02-03
  • Session: 2024-02-10
  • Session: 2024-02-17
  • Session: 2024-02-24
  • Trades Charts


Session: 2024-02-03 
  • The ramifications of taking low probability trades 
  • Leg counting in trends with different momentum and types of pullbacks
  • Major price structures 
  • Leg types
  • What is the most important bar type?
  • Giving probabilities their respective importance 
  • How trends are built from simple structures
  • Can a trading range have one leg only? 
  • Review of the week
  • Review of students' selected trades
  • Q&A
Session: 2024-02-10
  • Pullbacks
  • Implied pullbacks
  • How a pullback ends on a lower time frame first
  • Symmetry
  • Proportion
  • Relationships between Symmetry and Proportion
  • Why unbalanced patterns must complete first
  • The three factors involved in Symmetry and Proportion
  • Pattern / Market Cycle reset based on Symmetry and Proportion
  • Corrective legs
  • Estimating duration and size of corrective legs
  • Review of the week
  • Review of students' selected trades
  • Q&A
Session: 2024-02-17
  • Market behavior
  • Classifying bars based on market behavior and bar direction 
  • Trading as a business
  • Factors involved in any business model, including trading
  • Incorporating time leverage
  • Reasons to enter vs reasons to exit
  • CE: Calibrated Expectation
  • Trading range as a structural component of trends
  • Building price structure (unit) of trading ranges
  • Classifying gaps on open based on size
  • How context develops based Event/Response theory
  • FOF: Failure of a Failure
  • Inertia
  • Inertia in Trends
  • Inertia in Trading Ranges
  • Using the principle of inertia to front run breakouts that lead to reversals
  • V Reversal
  • Review of the week
  • Review of students' selected trades
  • Q&A
Session: 2024-02-24
  • Market behavior based on market cycle model in the past week
  • Expecting where tops and bottoms of days are likely to form based on the market cycle model
  • The importance of strong pullbacks in limiting the extent of trend resumption 
  • Stop-run of counter trend breakouts
  • How to use the stop-run concept to estimate rage of trend resumption leg
  • Market Regime (always-in) switch based on context
  • Tight Trading Range on the open
  • Tight Trading Range far above/below the moving average 
  • Tight Trading Range on the moving average
  • Intraday expectations for bar sizes based on higher time frame being over-bought or over-sold
  • Principle of Inertia: Building blocks, day types, etc.
  • Principle of Inertia: Tempo
  • The Two-Tests principle 
  • Wedges and High 4s based on the two-test principle
  • Determining NTZ in a trading range based on the two-test principle
  • The first attempt principle
  • How to decide if the pullback is going to have a second leg based on the first attempt principle
  • Review of the week
  • Review of students' selected trades
  • Q&A

About PTM Modules

This is the archived recordings of the Pro Trader live mentoring session for the above date and month. 
      For example, PTM_202207 contains all sessions for month 7 of year 2022.
Each PTM module contains all sessions from one month.
Each session is about 3 hours long. 
Live sessions are conducted over Zoom (or other online meeting tools) and recorded. 
 Recordings are not edited to give you the same experience as being in the session with everyone else. 
Videos show mentor's screen, trading platform, and the electronic whiteboard. 
Includes trades charts

Ali Moin-Afshari

Systematic Trader
Ali Moin-Afshari is the founder of Quant Systems and course creator of the Systems Academy program. He has had a successful +20-year career in IT and telecom, working as an architect, consultant, and founder of two IT companies. He began his trading career initially as a side business in 2007 and became a full time trader in 2014. He is a systems expert and has designed,  developed, and programed more than 200 trading systems.
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