Live Trading Workshop in Orlando, Florida, USA: June 1-4, 2024

Mar 28 / Ali Moin-Afshari / Dr Al Brooks
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Read my blog sharing my experience and photos of our 2022 workshop 
I (Ali) would be speaking and trading along side my mentor, Dr Brooks, in Orlando, Florida from 1st to 4th of June 2024. This post covers all the details of this event. If you would like to register to participate in the event, please click on the link below the image on top of this post to go to the event's registration page. 

This is a unique opportunity for traders to see two different schools of thought, one purely discretionary and the other systematic, trade the same price action alongside one another. It is a strong testament to the fact that once you understand a core market concept there is more than one way to turn it into a profitable strategy. 

Event Details

Dr Brooks will deliver and present for about 2 hours on day 2 of the conference and live trade on days 3 and 4. 

I will deliver and present a series of presentations on market behavior and trade management over the course of the first two days and live trade alongside Dr Brooks on days 3 and 4. 

Orlando, Florida, is a good option for a live event because many guests might want to combine the workshop with a family vacation. 

The focus of my trading will be scalping using market behavior analysis with an emphasis on breakouts and good trade management including scaling in and out of positions. 
Location and Dates
  • The workshop is a 4-day event.
  • Dates: Saturday June 1 to Tuesday June 4, 2024
  • Location: The Florida Hotel and Conference Center at the Florida Mall, Orlando: 1500 Sand Lake Rd, Orlando, FL 32809, United States
Bonus Package
We are offering a special bonus package for this event. More details to follow when the page is published. 
  1. Videos of Ali’s 2022 presentation on breakouts, provided to you prior to the 2024 workshop to help you prepare
  2. Ali’s Breakouts Research whitepaper (updated 2023), a $400 value: this document explains the test results and probabilities Ali found regarding systematic breakout trading
  3. Complete and updated TradeStation (and Multicharts) code of his breakout paint-bar indicator shown in the above video: This is the new version 6.2 (upgraded several times from version 2 in 2022). It has only been given to Ali’s Systems Academy students before and it is not available for sale on his website, either. The code comes with full documentation.
  4. A document that explains how the code works and its logic
  5. The 2024 Workshop exercise handouts: provided during the workshop
  6. A one-time 30% discount coupon to purchase Ali’s FlashCards (a $149 value)
  7. Opportunity to get into Ali’s Pro Trader Mentoring (PTM) program
  8. Opportunity to get into Ali’s Systems Academy program at a $2000 discount: people usually waitlist for 6-12 months to work with Ali and the team in this program. You will have an opportunity to discuss your trading and go through the admission process while in Orlando and secure your seat at a discounted price without waiting.

Event Presenters

Dr Al Brooks is a full time professional price action day trader who understands what a trader goes through to achieve his goal of making money, and he is a strong advocate for individual traders. Al teaches you how to trade online like a professional with his Brooks Trading Course videos, his chat room, his best selling price action trading books, and through the many articles and media extracts on this website.

Ali Moin-Afshari is a quantitative systematic trader and founder of, an educational website dedicated to advanced traders. He has worked in IT, telecom, and finance industries as a technology architect for 25 years before moving to fulltime trading over a decade ago. He is the founder of several technology companies and has managed money for others. Ali has been in Al’s trading room for many years, and his view of price action is very similar to Al’s. Ali is an excellent trader as well as software engineer, and he has created many effective trading algorithms, which he will trade during the workshop. 
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Ali's Presentation

As an engineer, I am a hard-to-convince person. My decisions are data-driven, so when I began learning price action trading, I had to test each concept to gather statistical data in order to prove it to myself that it works. I have written programs for almost every price action setup and back- and forward-tested them and studied the data.

My goal for this workshop is to demonstrate the systematic approach to price action trading, using rule-based discretionary systems. In this approach, the computer is the primary decision maker and the trader makes the final go/no-go decision.

The common belief in the literature is that it is very difficult, if not impossible, to build systems that work intraday on ES futures without having to tweak them regularly. I will show you that is not the case and you do not need sophisticated AI or complex software to do so.

I will explain the technology and the design philosophy behind one of my systems, to illustrate how a discretionary price action concept could be turned into a very effective computerized trading algorithm. For those who have an IT background, it would then be easy to turn it into computer code.

I will also show test results and system performance statistics of this discretionary system. When we say a “discretionary” system, it means the trader has a few options on how to execute system rules.

The enabler is having a good understanding of market behavior.

I have put together a hands-on workshop to work with you through a series of exercises to demonstrate the discretion part. In addition to that, I will present two presentations, one on market behavior and the other on trade management. Reviewing these three concepts (market behavior, rule-based trading, and trade management) along with doing several exercises together will give you a well-rounded learning experience. A framework for practice that you will take home and use to further develop your skills.

So, you will see a system at work in live trading, then understand its technology and design philosophy, and finally see its performance data over a long period of time and learn about the techniques used to implement an idea as a trading system.
Ali’s 2024 Workshop Material 
There are four fundamental domains to master:
  • Breakouts: the most fundamental concept in trading
  • Market behavior principles
  • Trade execution
  • Trade management

The focus of my presentation was on breakouts in our 2022 workshop. The videos I created after that workshop will be given to you prior to the start of the new workshop for you to review and prepare. This should address the first point.

I will give a presentation on market behavior principles on day 1 followed by an interactive workshop in the afternoon, focused on using breakouts and market behavior principles to find trades and execute the entry. We will go through a set of exercises that facilitate active thinking rather than passively viewing a presentation, which will bring out the gaps and questions, so that we can address them before the trading day on Monday.

On day 2, after Dr Brooks’ presentation, I will deliver a presentation on trade management techniques in my afternoon presentation.

My goal is to provide a well-rounded training for everyone based on my experience as a mentor. Hopefully we can address most of the common knowledge gaps and skill issues I see when working with people.
Ali’s workshop systematic price action trading samples
I am using the chart as below to illustrate the computer-generated signals of the system I am going to talk about with an emphasis on scalping.

On this chart, signals are plotted as painted bars in four colors:
  • Green: Bull breakout and big bull bars
  • Blue: Bull reversals with follow-through, so combinations of two to four bars that form higher probability buy setups
  • Red: Bear breakout and big bear bars
  • Orange: Bear reversals with follow-through, so combinations of two to four bars that form higher probability sell setups
Arrows are not computer generated. I added them to the above chart to show my bias or the direction that I think is the higher probability for taking entries.
Based on above, we can take many scalp trades. The idea is to reference two criteria to select the direction and entry points, with the goal of taking quick profits:
  1. General context or as systematic traders call it, market regime
  2. Computer-generated signals

We will follow the above order of priorities in selecting entries, so context is more important than signals.

In step 3, we will chose an entry price, based on the concept of setup-trigger, which I explained in my last article.

The chart, below, shows scalp entries and exits using colors to indicate what type of order (buy, sell, or exit) was used at what prices, plus colored arrows to communicate trade direction and perceived probabilities. Horizontal lines show some of the more important support and resistance levels.
Furthermore, here is my thought process about the context and day structure, referencing bar numbers:
1: probably a TRD or TTRD day type, 55% chance
2-3: confirming 1, now 60% chance
4: more down
5: Two big bars, unlikely to become a strong bull trend, so 60% chance of TTRD with a bearish tone
12: Strong AIL but initial strong 3CC BR bars, still 60% chance of TTRD, but now probably bullish tone
26: Possible HOD 24
28: Only one open bull breakout gap, early test of EMA, unlikely to become small pullback bull, so still 60% chance of TTRD day structure with a bullish tone, likely to pullback to 17 low
32-33: AIS more down, at least 1 more leg down
36: at least 1 more leg down from here
39-40: Possible FF and WBLF. Possible early AIL because of context, but TTRD so likely will test to 6 high, where limit order bears got trapped
50: AIL more up
58: More up, TTRD, so will likely test up to 23 low, where limit order bulls got trapped

Al's Presentation

To give you an idea of what to expect, here are a few introductory slides from one of the PowerPoints that Al will present:

Final Thoughts from Al

I have known Ali for about a decade. He is a good person who is honest, thoughtful, smart, disciplined and consistently profitable.

He and I have different approaches, but similar perspectives. He has successfully programmed several of my concepts and lots of his own. I believe that many of you might find his insights to be interesting and helpful.

For me, doing a workshop with Ali will be fun. Also, I think many traders would find it worthwhile to see him scalp and me swing trade for a day.

Workshop Location

The 2024 Workshop will be held at:

The Florida Hotel and Conference Center
1500 Sand Lake Road
Orlando Florida 32809, USA

The hotel is attached to The Florida Mall featuring 23 restaurants and eateries, providing more than 1,400 seating options both indoors and outdoors and 250 retail, dining, and entertainment options.
Room Reservation
A special guest room rate of $145 (+ tax) has been agreed with hotel. Limited rooms available for the 2 days each side of workshop so book early. Reservation information will be made available along with pricing.

You will find booking information on the event sign-up page. Click on the blue button below. 
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