SA2: 2023 Coaching and Video Archive

  • Ali Moin-Afshari
  • Level: Advanced
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Course overview
Systems Academy 2 Archive of Coaching Sessions for 2023 Enrollment
  • Video time: Est. 80+ hours

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About Systems Academy's Recorded Sessions

  • Video recordings of sessions are not edited to give you the same look and feel as you are present in the live session.
  • The archive is organized based on the enrollment year of Systems Academy 2. For example, this archive is for enrollment year 2023 that began in November 2023 running till end of October 2024.
  • Access to SA2 archive is free for all SA2 students in that year's enrollment. 

Ali Moin-Afshari

Systematic Trader
Ali Moin-Afshari is the founder of Quant Systems and course creator of the Systems Academy program. He has had a successful +20-year career in IT and telecom, working as an architect, consultant, and founder of two IT companies. He began his trading career initially as a side business in 2007 and became a full time trader in 2014. He is a systems expert and has designed,  developed, and programed more than 200 trading systems.

Sessions and Topics Discussed

Session 1: 2023-11-08
  • First session: introduction
  • Program overview
  • SA2 Telegram group
  • Organization
  • Reporting and eMail protocols
  • Deciding on ThanksGiving Thursday/Weekend Session: Nov 23, 2023
  • Goal setting challenge
  • Review of your studies up to this point
  • Trading platforms for programming
  • Multicharts vs. Tradestation
  • Steps in becoming a programmer
  • Market Replay on Multicharts
  • Q&A
Session 2: 2023-11-30
  • Errors on two of the slides in the course
  • First principles thinking 
  • Breakouts 
  • Volatility
  • Conducting research
  • The primary objectives for systems development
  • Probability vs. Distance (profit targets)Q: Andreas, System component reusability
  • Q: Faizal, Should the research be done will full trade cycle (entries - exits)? 
  • Q: Faizal: Dealing with multiple Triggers while in a trade
  • Q: What is the institutional view of price action trading?
  • Q: Filipe: Focus? Focus on getting comfortable: 1. thinking systematically 2. seeing the entire process
  • Q: Marc: how to trade when working 9-5?
  • Q: Alberto Stop order entry
  • Q: Sohail: Sharing my Charts Library
  • Q: Luis: What size asset base to cover living expenses (+ growth)?
  • Q&A
Session 3: 2023-12-07
  • Update on new course modules: later this week
  • Alex: to show his reusable system testing model
  • i1R Concept
  • Directional probability
  • General probability
  • Q: Andrew J: ATR lookback length
  • Q: Marc: expected returns of fully automated systems
  • Q: Alberto: Z Score and bar range
  • Q: Andreas F: Time in Market vs trade frequency (why)
  • Q: Sohail: Coding, is it absolutely required? 
  • Q&A
Session 4: 2023-12-14 (TBD)
  • MultiCharts
  • Q: Andreas F: Day type classification in my charts archive
  • Q: Andreas F: BOM
  • Q&A
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